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What is Hdbseller?

Hdbseller provide a one stop service for owner to sell their HDB at the highest possible price with the lowest commission in the market.

Are there any hidden cost?

No. Our commission are fixed excluding GST.

Am I eligible to sell my HDB?

Seller registers an Intent to Sell in the HDB Resale Portal. The HDB Resale Portal is capable of confirming your eligibility to sell your flat instantaneously. Upon registration, you will also receive information about the Ethnic Integration Policy/ Singapore Permanent Resident (EIP/ SPR) Quota for your block, status of upgrading, billing of upgrading costs, and recent transacted prices of nearby flats.

How long will it take me on average to sell out a house?

Hdbseller promise to sell your HDB 2x faster. Our system has allow your HDB to be viewed twice as many times by potential buyers, which in return will maximise the speed of closing the deal.

How should I price my flat?

Hdbseller have the most recent updated price transacted around your locality, and that can be use as a price guide.

How does Hdbseller charge their commission?

Hdbseller charge a flat fee of $1599 for a full agent services to owner

How do I know when someone is interested in my flat?

We will arrange viewing with buyers and notify you accordingly. A weekly update will also be provided.