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on the back side as a Y-Iso, and the Raiders have their help shifted to the strong side of the formation. Harris runs a

Posted: Fri Dec 27, 2019 6:47 am
by elaine95
Jarran Reed didn't really fall asleep until 3:30 a.m. By 6:30 a.m. on Monday Kansas City Chiefs Jerseys Stitched , he was alert and awake.He was determined to be early when he showed up at the Seattle Seahawks' facility for the first time in six weeks."I was at home just waiting. I remember I cut everything off, TV, lights, and I was at home just popping my eyes open checking the time on my phone," Reed said. "I was real excited to be back."Seattle's powerhouse defensive tackle missed the first six games of the season while serving a suspension and the timing of his return couldn't be better for a defensive front that has yet to have the kind of impact the Seahawks expected.While Ziggy Ansah and Jadeveon Clowney both have had their moments, the team hasn't seen the dominance it had wanted to get from the pairing. Seattle is hoping the return of Reed will finally be the tipping point."I feel like we all can help each other just improve on that," Reed said. "We're going to really work on that and we're going to pick it up over the next few weeks."The fourth-year veteran was suspended for violating the league's personal conduct policy for an incident more than two years ago during which police were called but he was not arrested or charged.A report from the Bellevue, Washington, Police Department from 2017 recommended fourth-degree assault charges in an alleged domestic-violence incident but prosecutors declined to charge Reed. The city of Bellevue said it believed there was insufficient evidence to prosecute him."Stay focused. Don't put yourself in situations for anything to be done," Reed said of what he took away from being suspended. "Just learn and grow. Life is a learning experience."Seattle is hoping the on-field version of Reed will be ready to handle significant playing time against Baltimore on Sunday. Last year was a breakout season for Reed as he recorded a career-high 10 ½ sacks rushing from his defensive tackle position while also playing well against the run. Reed was able to complement what Frank Clark was doing rushing off the edge. Now it's Clowney and Ansah on the outside."He's been such a key part of our defense, not just his play but his leadership," linebacker Bobby Wagner said. "To just have that back and have him back to provide some pass rush, to provide some plays in the backfield is going to be huge for us."Coach Pete Carroll said he already had a conversation with Reed about not overdoing it right away. The Seahawks are going to need Reed to produce for all 10 remaining games, seven of which come against teams with a record at or above .500."I just want him to play good technique, physical football and not set his sights on something outside of himself," Carroll said. "He's a really good ball player, really instinctive and all of that. He'll be rusty. I just don't want him to over-try and try to do too much."NOTES: Carroll said Will Dissly will undergo surgery Thursday to repair an Achilles tendon injury suffered last Sunday against Cleveland. The talented tight has now had two straight seasons cut short by an injury. ... Seattle remains uncertain about the status of LT Duane Brown (biceps) and RG D.J. Fluker (hamstring). George Fant and Jamarco Jones would likely make their second straight starts if Brown and Fluker are unable to play against the Ravens. The first time the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders met this season Nick Allegretti Jersey nfl draft , the Chiefs were dealing with a little bit of turmoil because of the release of Kareem Hunt. The Chiefs offense was expected to look a little off — especially the rushing attack — and face a few setbacks trying to figure out how to run the offense without such an impactful player. The game came and went.Even though the offense didn’t look as crisp as it had through most of this year, the Chiefs still scored 40 points — scoring on on seven out of eleven significant possessions.The offense was moving along nicely, and the Chiefs are looking to match or exceed that performance as the Raiders come into Arrowhead Sunday afternoon — with the first overall seed in the AFC on the line. Because the Chiefs played the Raiders so recently, this Advanced Scouting article will look a little different. The overall game plan will remain the same, but this article will focus on what the Chiefs executed well against the Raiders five weeks ago — along with what they didn’t execute well. Game plan keys against the Oakland RaidersKyle Terada-USA TODAY SportsFor the first matchup against the Raiders, our Advanced Scouting article touched on the Raiders scheme, personnel decisions, and how the Chiefs should attack them:Keys to beating the Raiders defense:Run the ball vertically, not horizontallyIsolate skill players in the open fieldTake deep shots and let routes develop vs a struggling pass rushAttack zone coverage over the middle of the fieldIsolate Daryl Worley and target himWhere the Chiefs succeeded Establishing a competent running gameThe Chiefs recorded their second-highest rushing output in the first Raiders game — despite working in new feature backs to replace Kareem Hunt.Spencer Ware led the charge, but Damien Williams looked equally impressive in his limited carries. But since that game, Ware has been dealing with injuries and Williams has been coming on stronger each week.The Chiefs should continue to run the ball with a mix of inside zone, outside zone and power running plays.The Raiders defensive linemen are smaller, gap-shooting players that don’t hold up well against double-teams when teams run inside on them. The double-teams that begin both inside zone and power runs really give the Raiders defensive line a difficult time.Stretching out of the defense with outside zone runs presents another set of challenges to the Raiders. Once Andrew Wylie seals the defensive end to the play side, it’s all on the Raiders’ linebackers to make this play. Unfortunately for them, they aren’t most athletic linebackers in the game, and they are slow to diagnose the play, so they flow to it late.By the time the strong side linebacker recognizes the play and makes his break Super Bowl Nick Allegretti Jersey , Mitchell Schwartz is waiting for him, forces a passive angle and still makes an easy block. The jet motion — plus the pulling tight end — holds both the middle and weak-side linebackers in place.Deep drop backs and deep routesIn the first game, the Chiefs were a little hit-or-miss on deeper routes.The Raiders struggled to bring consistent pressure, so the Chiefs were able to get players open downfield on longer-developing routes. They just weren’t able to connect on them as frequently as they would have liked — missing out on a few huge plays by a couple of yards.The plan should remain the same: getting receivers vertical against a Raiders secondary that is very inconsistent — even though they have some promising talent. Both starting outside cornerbacks have a tendency to bite on double moves or get caught on their heels watching the quarterback, and their safeties don’t have ideal athleticism or eye discipline. This play had the Raiders defense confused, as Hill ends up completely open in the flat while three defenders key on the running back in the flat to the back side of the play. The vertical route on the outside — combined with the slice route by Chris Conley in the slot — stresses the single-high safety to choose one or the other. The slot cornerback is playing with outside leverage, trying to force the receiver to his helping defenders.But when Conley carries vertical and there is no safety help, the cornerback has no choice but to grab him to prevent a big play. Attacking zone coverage in the middle of the fieldThe initial game plan called for attacking the Raiders linebackers tasked with zone coverage in the middle of the field due to their use of pattern match coverage. This often put these linebackers picking up in-breaking receivers and having to cover them one-on-one — even though these players don’t possess great athleticism and aren’t adept in coverage.Against the Chiefs, the Raiders mixed it up quite a bit by playing an equal amount of single-high and split-safety snaps — and the Chiefs took advantage of them. Whether attacking short, intermediate, or deep in the middle of the field, the Chiefs were able to make the Raiders pay for having less-than-mediocre athletes trying to defend great athletes. Given their weapons on the outside, It’s tempting to play split-safety coverage against the Chiefs, but you have to have a linebacker capable of running the alley with the likes of Travis Kelce or Tyreek Hill. Patrick Mahomes’ arm talent always makes the space between the hashes open — even when there is no one occupying the two deep safeties — and they have made teams pay for it any time they see a healthy amount of Cover-2 or quarters coverage.The Raiders lack the kind of linebacker that is great for this role — Seattle players like K.J. Wright and Bobby Wagner are good examples — so these plays should be open for the Chiefs again. If the Raiders ditch the MOF-open shells, look for the linebackers to be targeted, as they will have to carry receivers vertically and horizontally with their match coverage. Winning the isolated one-on-onesIn the initial game plan, this was specifically about Daryl Worley.The Chiefs did target Worley early in the game Football Nick Allegretti Jersey , and the Raiders ended up using him for about 30% fewer snaps than he had been seeing. Since that game, he has worked his way back into the rotation, but the point still stands: Worley has struggled mightily this year.The other one-on-one matchup the Chiefs attacked — and should continue to attack — is their tight ends against Raiders safeties or linebackers. Both Kelce and Demetrius Harris were able to get open often, and the Raiders made it easy to isolate them on the back side of formations. In this play, Harris is split out wide on the back side as a Y-Iso, and the Raiders have their help shifted to the strong side of the formation. Harris runs a simple slant, sells the outside/vertical release and gets wide open — but then has a simple miscommunication about sitting in the space and carrying through. This was one of six plays where the Chiefs were able to generate an open tight end against one-on-one man coverage against the Raiders — and they should continue to do it. Where the Chiefs can improveSkill positions in the open fieldThis isn’t to say the Chiefs didn’t find success getting the ball to running backs in the flat or hitting running back and tight end screens.They did have success.But they left some meat on the bone. The Raiders did a good job of flying out to the flats when they saw a running back angle in that direction, and between their emphasis on the flats and a few late or ill-placed throws, there is some room to improve in the rematch. Here we see a couple of execution errors — which aren’t normal for Andy Reid’s short game. On the screen pass, you’d like to see Mitch Morse stab or chip the nose tackle briefly to help Andrew Wylie get there quickly — or see Damien Williams trust his speed to beat the nose tackle outside because Wylie is cutting off his pursuit angle. The ball placement on the quick flat is just a little behind Williams, which forces him to slow down and gives him no real chance to pick up the first down after the catch. The bottom lineEven though I just wrote about why the Chiefs offense may not be as elite as it was earlier in the year, they really did have their way with the Raiders defense in Week 13. The few offensive failures were simply the Chiefs making simple mistakes in execution, rather than the Raiders actively stopping them — and the Chiefs still put up 40 points.The Chiefs offense — with everything on the line — should come out firing on all cylinders, and pick up right where they left off during their last meeting with the Raiders.