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Tutor fraud

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Tutor fraud

Post by melodyme » Fri Feb 22, 2019 7:14 am

This is warning for expat parents who care about your child education.

I warn you there are habitual fraud by a certain local tutor.
She made several e-mail addresses and several accounts in this forum and good at pretending to be different persons.

What happened to us is like this.
1. This tutor pretended to be other person (expat parent)and telling us she is hiring "a wonderful tutor" which is actually herself and lead us to hire her.

2. This expat parent(tutor herself) who hire the same tutor pressured us into paying her more, including the deposit to block her slots, pretending that she had other jobs lined up that she was sacrificing for us. She made up "other clients" to make it like real story.

Also later this expat parent (herself) even suggested us to pay her bonus, too.

3. This tutor was demanding one after another and it became pain for us.
She asked for more tuition, threatening that my child is a way behind her study and have to spend more time with her. She requested all my daughter's free time for her tuition. She asked us to raise her rate and prepaid for her private reason almost every time.

4 She made us to lose trust on her by herself like this,
She did not perform her job in good faith as a tutor.

She was often late, cancelled suddenly (thus ruining our child's schedule, though she pretended to have her best interests in mind), always talked to us about money - didn't give us the monthly reports she said she would give us, -didn't gives us educational material which she made us pay, and more.

Furthermore, she never admitted fault when she was late, but instead tried to defend her poor business practices.

On top of everything else, she charged higher prices than market rate.

5. Finally she proved herself that she is criminal.
She cut communication with us and disappear without paying us back deposit.

So we had to go to police.
I didn't know she is a fraud in the beginning and then we think she contradict herself for some points and lose trust on her and later we found out she is a habitual fraud.

She seems to think it is right to deceive and con and take money from expat parent.

Only recently I found out she is still fishing expat parent in this forum and make Facebook group as well.

She often came up topic like homeschooling or local syllabus or entering local school.

Please be careful.

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