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my neighbour is breaking the law, pls help!

Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 5:19 pm
by ben
Hi there, i have a neighbour that has 4 dogs (one of it is a great dane) confine to a a space around the size of 1 parking lot. The dog *sh*it in that space and the owner just flushes it out of the house after that. (i lived in a terrace btw)
the dogs are smelly, even me staying 3 doors away can smell it oo (suspected that the owner does not care for his dogs)
i tried to call SPCA and they said they cannot do anything much.
Now the owner uses his house as a warehouse. he stores used metal gates (outside) inside his house there are mattresses stack to the ceiling and cables all over.

Anyone here can advise on where can tell me who can i report to?