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“You’ve Just Discovered The Most Affordable Way

To Sell Your Own HDB Flat Without Sneaky Fees,

Complicated Contracts or Upfront Payments!”

Read This Before You Even Think About Selling Your HDB Flat…

The day has finally come, and you’ve finally decided it’s time to sell your HDB Flat. Congratulations! This can be very exciting time for you, or it can be a stressful one. Deep down you not only want to make the sale, but you want to make sure that everything is done smoothly AND you get paid the most money on your sale. As you begin to think about selling your HDB Flat, are you… Worried about how much money you may lose by paying high commission fees? Fear that you might get ripped off and waste even more money with upfront fees? Or maybe you dread how complicated everything can be to make the final sale?

Here’s The Really Fantastic News We Have Just For You!

Here at HDBSeller.com, we’re industry experts who not only outperform the competition, but we also offer more value for less money. This means we will offer you NO hidden fees, NO complicated contracts and NO upfront payments.

Our #1 priority is helping you sell your HBD Flat without all the hassles, headaches and frustrations. Plus, we want to save you money so you make more money with your sale!

Why choose us over the competition?

It’s very simple, we will…

✔ Sell your HDB flat up to 2 TIMES FASTER than the competition

Save you up to $18,000 or more on typical agent commissions

✔ Offer you full transparency that you can trust during the entire process

✔ Provide fast & friendly support to all of your enquiries or questions

✔ Enjoy an extremely low fixed commission fee that starts at only $1,599

✔ And we do it all without contracts, hidden fees or upfront payments

We’re not only the first property agency to charge $1599 for selling your HDB in beautiful Singapore, but we consider ourselves the most reliable and the most affordable as well. We treat all of our clients like family, and you’ll always be our #1 priority.

Our Exclusive Package

Package 1 - 3 Room HDB and below $1599

Package 2 - 4 Room HDB and above $1999

Sell your HDB with us today. There’s no Hidden Fees involved, No Contract, No Upfront Payment. Just a great service at a fairer price.


Benefits of Engaging HDBSeller Online Agent Service

1. You earn before we even sell your flat!

Hdbseller can guarantee you, we are the lowest commission agency in the market, hence you earn before we even sell your flat.

2. Engaging HDBSeller OnlineAgent Service is simple!

You request an appointment through our callback form or you may also call our hotline at 92212291. Then our dedicated customer service team will book you for an appointment with our experienced agent.

3. Our area-specific property agents are knowledgeable and diligent.

On your appointment date, the agent assigned to you will provide you with a Free Customised Property Report. The agent will also assist you with financial calculations and timeline planning.

4. HDBSeller Online Agents will ensure you have a hassle free transaction from day 1 to completion of the HDB.

Our agents are all dedicated to ensure a smooth journey and secure the highest bid for your HDB.

5. Pay nothing unless we sell your HDB

You do not need to pay us anything unless we sell your HDB.

6. HDBSeller value honesty and transparency in all our transactions.

You will receive regular updates on the sales process.

6. We are committed to securing the highest bid in the shortest possible time.

Your HDB will be marketed in all the top property portal to ensure full exposure, and plus the assurance that your HDB will not miss a single viewing due to driving, viewing or time off of the agent.

7. HDBSeller is with you every step of the way.

After we have found the right buyer for your flat, our agent will assist you with all the paperwork to your HDB completion appointment until the handover.

Comparison Table
ServicesHdbseller Online Agent2% commission Property Agent
Submit for valuation report
Check for ethnic quota
Submit resale checklist
Financial Calculation
Photo taking
Advertise on major online property portal
Arrange Viewing
Do closing
Arrange HDB inspection
Arrange HDB appointment
Do not need to signed exclusive 3 months
Free Customise Property Report
Commission paid for a $600000   5 Room HDB$1999$12000

Email : enquiry@hdbseller.com

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